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How It Works

How CaseCash Flows to You

Case Case, also known as legal funding, is a way for you to get cash right now for your personal injury case so you don’t have to wait months or even years until you get what’s owed to you. Legal Funding is safe and it’s risk free. In fact, If you don’t win your case, you don’t owe us any of the money we invested in your settlement. View our FAQs.

Unfortunately, when you are involved in an accident and you are injured, it’s very likely you can’t work, but bills still need to be paid. We understand the legal process doesn’t move as quickly as we’d like it to and that should be a benefit to you while your attorney works diligently to make sure you get every penny owed. However, the truth is, the longer the wait, the more cash strapped victims can become – potentially forcing you to accept a lowball offer.

800CaseCash can save your day, in a day!

Approving you is quick and simple It’s possible to get you funding the same day you’re approved. Let’s get started right now. If you answer YES to the following questions, call us now to see how much CaseCash you may qualify for!


Have you been injured and you’re not at fault?


Are you struggling to pay your bills?


Do you have an attorney?

Wait, if you don’t have an attorney, we can still help. Give us a call and we can help you find an attorney who has worked with us in the past and one you feel comfortable with fighting for you! *

We are not affiliated with any lawyers/law firms and you are not obligated to choose from those firms we refer you to. We simply understand the overwhelming stress caused by being injured and having your life disrupted financially. We keep statistics on law firms in terms of the time it takes to settle cases and wish to introduce lawyers/law firms who have shown they understand their clients’ need to have access to this type of funding.

Simple and Quick Process

We’ve made it easy and effortless for you to access CaseCash. Our approval process is so simple, we can show it to you right here.


Call 800-Case-Cash

Litigation Finance provides several important functions in the legal process. Our company sees a desperate need for victims to be capable of surviving.



How? By simply giving victims access to the necessary funds to pay their bills while they’re injured and can’t work. A legal settlement can take years. Credit is not a factor!


Receive Your Cash!

We have a Best Rate Guarantee. We’re confident 800-CASE-CASH has the best rates in the industry! If you find a better rate,  we guarantee we’ll beat it!


** The 2.99% is compounded monthly and capped at 36 months. The rates do not include the $100 document preparation fee, nor the compounding, nor the delivery fee, depending on preferred delivery method per seller. The delivery fees range from $0 for First Class Mail to $99 for Western Union.

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