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Cases We Fund

The wait can cause more stress. Don’t wait!

The time it takes to settle a personal injury case can cause serious stress financially and at a time when victims are getting care for their injuries. Worrying about how to pay simple expenses, like food expenses, keeping your utilities on or anything else you may need to continue your legal fight, should not be a concern. Let us lower your stress and increase your confidence in your case.

800CashCase is a safe and hassle-free option for those pursuing a personal injury case. Call us if...


The injury wasn't your fault


The case is taking too long


You need cash to pay bills

Type of Cases We Fund

Auto Accidents & Traffic-Related Injuries

Motor Vehicle
Driver or Passenger
Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents on the Job Site or Inside the Workplace

Workers Compensation Workplace Negligence Maritime Accidents (Jones Act)

Premise Negligence and Others

Slip and Fall
Civil Rights
Wrongful Death
& Many other types of negligence cases


** The 2.99% is compounded monthly and capped at 36 months. The rates do not include the $100 document preparation fee, nor the compounding, nor the delivery fee, depending on preferred delivery method per seller. The delivery fees range from $0 for First Class Mail to $99 for Western Union.

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